development incentives available in fort frances

Development Incentives

The Rainy River Future Development Corporation (RRFDC) encourages and assists with business development throughout the Rainy River District by...

  • Proactively seeking out Entrepreneurs wishing to expand their businesses or begin a new business.
  • Actively seeking out Business ideas that preliminary research indicates might be feasible for the District.
  • Working closely with other agencies and individual communities to foster an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the District.

RRFDC can provide a number of development incentives, including...

  • Loans, equity investments, and loan guarantees to a maximum of $150,000 per business.
  • Business planning assistance for us or other potential lenders.
  • Research, using the latest forms of computer programs.
  • Youth Initiative loans for summer students

They also provide business start-up information, additional resources, and organize a variety of seminars and training for businesses across the Rainy River District.

Check out their full range of development incentives at or contact Angela Halvorsen at

Photo credit: Fort Frances Times Ltd.