Culturama was once a beloved event held in Fort Frances, with the first one held in 1980. As the original planning committee aged out, there were no volunteers to take their places and the event dwindled down in the 90s before stopping completely in the early 2000s. To this day, locals will tell you about the early days of Culturama and their fond memories of celebrating the diversity of their small town. 

Now, over forty years after the first Culturama, Fort Frances is in need of a reminder of the strength of our community, and bringing back this event, 2022 style and with a variety of upgrades, may be just what we need. In the years that have passed since the last Culturama, our community has gone through a lot - locally, nationally, and globally. From highly publicized conflicts between residents concerning Pride and a street sign called Colonization Rd, to a national reckoning about the violence our nation inflicted on Indigenous communities. The globalisation of our world has reminded us just how interconnected we are, and a global pandemic reminded us how to rely on our neighbours, especially as we undergo the journey toward reconciliation.

We believe that in revitalizing this weekend-long festival, we will remind residents of the vast diversity that exists just outside their front door. Through the healing powers of music, dance, and art, we hope they will remember that our diversity is worthy of celebration and will empower them to build relationships with folks of every age, nation, and creed because everyone is welcome at Culturama!

The Culturama Steering Committee

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Culturama Program