Fire Chief/CEMC Message, Services & Equipment

Fire Chief/CEMC Message

The Fort Frances Fire Rescue Service was established in 1903 to protect the economy of our community.

Our Fire Rescue Service has a legislative obligation to adhere to the Three-Lines-of-Defense, which are: Public Fire Safety Education, Fire Safety Inspections, and Fire Suppression Services. As well, we have a moral obligation to our citizens and visitors to our community, which is to enhance the Three-Lines-of-Defense.

Managing physical and human resources is a major part of our operational plan to meet the needs of our community. As a team, we need to ensure we have the resources to meet the ongoing public safety education needs, fire safety inspection needs, as well as emergency preparedness and response needs to our community. We must ensure we are never caught unprepared.

Meanwhile, we train for competency, health & safety, and for results. Training is the primary factor in handling an emergency incident. As a team, we need to continue with educating ourselves, and train to known standards, as well as set the bar high.

Our team takes pride in the services we provide to our community and how we provide them. I truly believe to be a strong team ... we must leverage our collective skills.

Team Work is the cornerstone of everything we do as a community member, as well as being the foundation of our communities Fire Rescue Service ... everyone has a voice.
Tyler Moffitt, Fire Chief/CEMC - Fort Frances Fire Rescue Service


Fire Rescue Service

The Fort Frances Fire Rescue Service is comprised of:

  • 1 Fulltime Fire Chief/CEMC
  • 6 Fulltime Firefighters, consisting of:
    • Captain of Training
    • Captain of Apparatus & Equipment
    • Captain of Fire Prevention & Education
    • 3 Fire Officers
  • 18 Part Time Firefighters


Core Services - Protecting the economy of our community, as well as our people, property, and the environment by way of:

  • public fire safety education
  • fire safety inspections
  • structural fire fighting including rescue
  • vehicle fire fighting
  • grass, brush and forestry fire fighting
  • 1st response and tiered response services (paramedic assist.)
  • awareness level hazardous materials response
  • MVC's (motor vehicle crashes) including extrication services
  • transportation incidents involving vehicles, trains, aircraft, and water craft
  • water related emergencies - shore-based
  • water related emergencies - boat-based
  • community emergency service plan participation
  • public assistance
  • public utilities assistance and police assistance


Fire Rescue Service Equipment

Two Rescue Vehicles

Rescue 11-6: 2017 Chevy Silverado Four Door Extended Cab - Rescue/Utility>

Rescue 11-7: 2013 Dodge - Heavy Rescue Truck equipped with the "jaws of life" servicing the Town of Fort Frances and the Central Zone of the Rainy River District.

Two Pumper Fire Trucks

Pumper 11-1: 2019 Spartan Metro Star equipped with a 6000 LPM pump, ground ladders and fire fighting equipment. Fire Underwriters Survey for Grading Purposes: First Line Duty Fire Apparatus.

Pumper 11-2: 2008 Spartan Furion equipped with a 5000 LPM pump, 28-foot water tower and light boom, ground ladders and fire fighting equipment. Fire Underwriters Survey for Grading Purposes: First Line Duty Fire Apparatus.

One Aerial Ladder Ladder 11-3: 2023 E-ONE HP 78-Foot Typhoon aerial ladder equipped with a 6000 LPM pump. Fire Underwriters Survey for Grading Purposes: First Line Duty Fire Apparatus.
One Decontamination / Rehabilitation Trailer Decon/Rehab 11-4: 14 foot trailer equipped with Decontamination and Rehabilitation supplies. Deployed primarily to fire incidents for providing decontamination of personnel, PPE, and equipment, as well as rehabilitation of personnel.
One Command Trailer Command 11-5: 2010 - 28 foot trailer Deployed as a mobile command post, and rehab point or Emergency Operation Centre.
One Marine Response Boat Marine 11-9: 14 foot Aluminum boat with 25 hp motor that is used for rescue support, and access to municipal islands for fire suppression and prevention duties.
Two Water Rescue Craft Oceanid RDC (Rapid Deployment Craft) that is designed for quick deployment after arrival on scene. Very effective for shore based, and open water rescue.