The Fort Frances Museum collects, preserves, researches, exhibits and interprets the artefacts that depict the story of man and nature as it relates to the history of Fort Frances and the surrounding Rainy River District.


The Fort Frances Museum contains a vast collection of photographs and artefacts related to the history of Fort Frances and the Rainy River District. These artefacts and specimens depict the past and the development of the area in terms of natural resources, first nations, exploration, settlement and people, industry, and cultural achievement.


The Museum meets standards and procedures for proper handling, storage exhibition, and the packing and transport of artefacts to best preserve the collection.

Learn how to care for your own personal museum of family treasures at www.preservation.gc.ca.


The Museum carries out research in five general areas - local history, the collection, exhibits, programs and publications. Local history includes geography, natural history, archaeology, genealogy, ethnology, and the social, commercial and industrial history of the Rainy River District.

NOTE: We are available to assist you in genealogy or local history research. Please make an appointment. Fees apply.

Education & Interpretation Programs

The Museum delivers public programs, Special Events and Exhibit Programming and a School Education Program. Education Programs meet Curriculum Requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Youth Groups and Special Interest groups are invited to participate in a variety of special public programs offered reqularly or organized by request.


The Museum's Permanent Exhibit features how the land and water have shaped the community and region. As the source of all things for early First Nations communities, our natural history has since been charted by early explorers and mapmakers exploited by the fur trade barons, occupied and cleared by increasing waves of settlers, mined and logged for purposes of industrialization and prosperity, and now subject to environmental and conservation initiatives that bring us full circle… a renewed respect for the land, water and air that make northwestern Ontario living one to be envied and preserved.

Regional and local artists and traveling exhibits are featured on a regular schedule.

Building Community

The Museum is an active member of the community. Through the years we have participated in events with the BIA, Chamber, FITS, and community arts organizations.

NEW! Newspaper Digitization Project

Looking for historical information? An obituary? Other family history? Or maybe another topic that has piqued your interest? The museum's earliest newspapers can now be searched on a public computer at the museum. Instructions are simple; staff also available to help. Stop by any time. We gratefully acknowledge the Province of Ontario for their help with our digitization project!!