Fort Frances Ontario selfie

General Information

Hospital & Medical Services

Visitors are strongly urged to obtain health insurance before leaving their country. (Your health insurance may not extend coverage outside your country of residence.) If you are taking medication prescribed by your doctor, bring an adequate supply and a copy of the prescription in case it needs to be renewed by a doctor in Ontario. For more information, contact your travel agent or insurance agent.

Shopping Hours

Stores stay open until 6:00 p.m. in most parts of Ontario. Many city and suburban stores stay open until 9:00 p.m. Sunday shopping is available in many centres.


Licenses are required for fishing or hunting in Ontario and may be purchased from numerous outlets, including sports stores, tourist outfitters, hunting and fishing lodges and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Drinking Age

The legal age for the purchase and consumption of alcohol is 19 in Ontario.

Metric System

Ontario's official standard of measurement is the metric system. All road signs, speed limits, distances, weather reports and the like are in metric.


Fort Frances' weather is much like the Northern United States. June, July and August are our true summer months when daytime temperatures range from 25-30C (77-86F), though nights may be cool, particularly in the north. In autumn, foliage takes on fall colours towards the end of September and reaches its height in October. Medium to heavy-weight clothing is necessary, especially in November when the weather is cold and frosty. Snowfall is usually experienced through December, January and February. the snow begins to recede in March before totally disappearing in April. This is followed by warm temperatures and spring flowers in May.

Photo credit: Photography by Rylee