Fire Safety Inspections

The Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service conducts routine inspections to ensure that the standards of the Ontario Fire Code are being met. We also review permit applications for exhibitions, parades, and other types of public assemblies.

All buildings in Ontario (with some exceptions) must comply with "The Ontario Fire Code". These regulations are used to ensure that new buildings and existing buildings are built and maintained in a fire safe condition. Inspections are also required for numerous other areas, such as:

  • Public Hall Licenses
  • Lawyers letters for property sales
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Fire Routes
  • Retrofit Inspections
  • Fire Safety Inspections

Retrofit - Part 9 of the Ontario Fire Code provides for the upgrading of existing buildings. Unlike the rest of the Code, these regulations may require some building construction, alterations, or additions. The owner may submit plans, obtain necessary permits, and have all of the work approved by the local Building Code Official. Retrofit applies to the following buildings:

  • Assembly Occupancies
  • Rooming Houses
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Requirements may include: inter-connected smoke alarms, fire separations and adequate exits, or an electrical inspection and approval from Ontario Hydro.