Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is an agreement between participating municipalities in the Rainy River District that have established a fire department by-law. The Fort Frances Fire Rescue Service is a member of the Rainy River District Mutual Aid Association. This association is intended to provide fire protection services efficiently, effectively, and safely through a co-operative and flexible approach.

The mutual aid plan improves the level of public safety for the residents of the Rainy River District. Ten municipal fire services, one First Nation fire service and two Northern Fire Protection Program (NFPP) Teams presently make up the Rainy River District Mutual Aid Association.

There are presently four heavy rescue vehicles equipped with the "jaws of life" that service the Rainy River District. They are strategically located in Rainy River, La Vallee, Fort Frances, and Atikokan.

In addition to the mutual aid agreement between the aforementioned services, there is further in place reciprocal fire agreements with International Falls and Baudette, Minnesota, to assist Fort Frances and Rainy River. The Rainy River District Mutual Aid Association promotes fire and life safety throughout the Rainy River District.