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Notice to Public Regarding Provincial Offences Act Matters

In-person and electronic methods of appearance are available. If you are unsure whether your case is being held by video or in-person, please contact the Provincial Offences Office at 807-274-1676. If you have any questions about the scheduling of your Provincial Offences matter, or to update your contact information, please call 807-274-1676, or email Remote court connection information is below.

Court operations are subject to change as the pandemic continues to evolve. It remains of critical importance that all persons attending courthouses vigilantly comply with the public health and safety protections in place at each court facility.

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Please read the User Guide below prior to your appearance:

Provincial Offences are non-criminal charges primarily laid by police, conservation and by-law enforcement agencies. Charges issued under the Provincial Offences Act (POA) include but are not limited to: Highway Traffic Act driving offences, By-law offences, Trespassing, Liquor License charges and Federal & Provincial contraventions such as Railway, Hunting and Fishing violations. The Fort Frances POA administers charges issued in: Fort Frances, Emo, Atikokan, Rainy River across the Rainy River District.


Within 15 days of receipt of your offence/ticket – you must select one of the 3 options shown on your offence notice. If you do not exercise one of these 3 options – you will be deemed not to dispute the charge and a Justice of the Peace may enter a conviction against you in your absence. Upon conviction; additional costs will be added to the total payable.

Your 3 options are:

(1) Option 1 - Payment

You do not dispute the charge and wish to settle the matter by paying the TOTAL payable on the offence/ticket. A conviction will be registered against you and any applicable demerit points attached to the offence will be imposed. In order to avoid any additional fees; the payment should be received within 15 days from the date of issue. The total payable includes the set fine and the applicable Victim Fines Surcharge. The provincial government adds a Victim Fine Surcharge (VFS) to every fine imposed under the Provincial Offences Act (with the exception of parking infractions). The surcharge is deposited into a special fund to assist and helps victims of violent crime.

(2) Option 2 - Walk in Guilty Plea with an Explanation

This option is available if you wish to plead guilty to the offence with an explanation. The Justice of the Peace CAN: reduce the amount of the set fine and/or give you an extension of time in which you can pay the fine. A conviction will be registered for the offence indicated on your ticket and any demerit points associated with the charge will be imposed. The Justice of the Peace CANNOT: change the offence OR remove any demerit points that are associated with the offence. This option is available weekly and appointments with the Justice of the Peace need to be scheduled in advance. Please call the Provincial Offence Office at 807-274-1676 to schedule an appointment.

(3) Option 3 - Trial Request

If you intend to appear in court and plead Not Guilty to the offence of which you have been charged – the defendant must sign the offence notice under Option #3 and forward it to the Town of Fort Frances court office by mail or in person to 320 Portage Avenue, Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3P9. In the event the defendant has misplaced their offence notice/ticket – they should contact the Fort Frances POA office to complete a replacement form.


  • In person payment options include VISA, MasterCard, DEBIT, Cheque, Money Order, Cash
  • Pay your offence on-line at (Visa or MasterCard only):
  • Payment by MAIL options include: Cheque, Money Order, or completing the VISA/MasterCard Portion of the remittance you received with your offence. Cheque and Money Orders should be made payable to the Town of Fort Frances, you must include your offence/ticket number with your payment, Do NOT send cash in the mail.
  • Payments should be mailed to:

Town of Fort Frances
POA Administration
320 Portage Avenue
Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3P9

  • Payments by PHONE options include VISA, MasterCard and certain VISA/MasterCard Debit. Contact our office Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 at 807-274-1676 to pay by phone.

Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases

An Ontario Court of Justice Guide is available at the Ontario Courts of Justice website by selecting the following link: the documents below require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This guide provides defendants with general information about the court process for Provincial Offences Cases. This Guide does not provide legal advice. You are strongly urged to get legal advice from a lawyer or paralegal about your options and the possible penalties you could face.

Ontario Court of Justice PDF guide for Defendants

Guide to Appeals in Provincial Offences Cases

An Ontario Court of Justice Guide for Appeals is available in PDF format below. This guides provides general information about the court process for appeals under the Provincial Offences Act. This guide does not cover every situation or circumstance that may arise or be applicable in your case.

Ontario Court of Justice PDF guide to Appeals

POA Online Services

It’s easier than ever to find information about most tickets and fines issued under the Provincial Offences Act. You can now go online to:

  • Find out the status of your case
  • Find out how to pay your ticket or fine

You will need the location code and offence number printed on your ticket or notice. If you’ve been issued a summons; you’ll also need your case number.

PAST DUE AMOUNTS & PAYMENT OPTIONS Application for Extension of Time to Pay Fines

Overwhelmed by unpaid fines? Looking to get your Drivers License re-instated?

If your situation is complex, or you are overwhelmed by unpaid fines, the Town of Fort Frances Provincial Offences court office may be able to assist. Contact our office at 807-274-1676 to set up an appointment to discuss what options are available to you.

If you are unable to pay your fine by the due date, you may apply for an Extension of Time to Pay your Fine. The Justice of the Peace will consider your previous attempts at payments when determining the application. Partial payments can be made at any time. Applications that are submitted and approved BEFORE your fine goes into default may prevent your drivers license from being suspended for unpaid fines. Please apply in person or contact the Fort Frances POA Office.

Application Form (PDF).

Town of Fort Frances Provincial Offences Courts Administration Contact Information

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