Division Managers (or designate) are responsible for the tendering process and establishing the plans, structure, and corporate policies to ensure that the Town can facilitate the strategic acquisition of goods, services, and construction for the municipality.
We strive to ensure that integrity and best value are applied in spending the Corporation’s funds, to make sure it is in the best interests of the Corporation and the taxpayer by utilizing an open, fair, competitive, and transparent procurement process.

We are pleased to advise that we now use an online and electronic bids portal platform to post our bid opportunities. The platform is called bids&tenders™. It is one of the leading e-bidding systems available and it makes it easy for you to review, register and submit bids for goods, services, and construction online.

Procurement Policy 1.12 (PDF) 

Bid Opportunities

Visit our Electronic Bids Portal to view our public tenders, bids and request for proposals for the Town of Fort Frances: fortfrances.bidsandtenders.ca    

Group Tenders

The Town of Fort Frances participates in buying group tenders, including:


Where the posted Bid/Tender document needs to be modified, an addendum will be issued and posted on the bids portal. The Town assumes no liability for the notification, and it is the responsibility of each Bidder to monitor the Town’s bids portal for the issuance of addenda.

Certificate of Insurance for Contractors

Individuals and organizations who supply goods, services and construction to the Town are generally required to provide a Certificate of Insurance as part of the terms of their contract.  A Certificate of Insurance may also be required due to the use of Town property for a public event, encroachment agreements, leases or licenses.