Roads & Transportation

The Transportation Superintendent is accountable for the efficient administration of financial, material and human resources; as well as planning, organizing, scheduling and supervising the operation of the following:

  • 42 km.of Sidewalks
  • Six (6) Town-owned Parking Lots
  • Street Lighting and Traffic Signals
  • Public Works Equipment and Vehicles
  • Traffic Safety and Control
  • Storm Sewer Systems – Urban and Rural
  • Stores Area (Granular Materials)
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Public Works Building and Garage (Buildings and Yards)
  • Installation of Private Crossings and Private Work
  • Winter Control Operations
  • Health and Safety

Joint Health and Safety Committee

The Public Works department has a Joint Health and Safety Committee consisting of two members from the management team and two members from the unionized workers.

  • Cody Vangel, Certified Employer Member
  • Chad Hanson, Certified Worker Member 
  • Craig Miller, Certified Employer Member
  • Dave Martin, Certified Worker Member

The Joint Health and Safety Committee holds meetings every two months.

Monthly workplace inspections are done at the Public Works Office & Shop Building, and the Water Treatment Plant and Water Tower by the certified members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Tail gate meetings are held once a month to discuss safety related issues with all the workforce.

Traffic Safety Advisory Committee

The Town of Fort Frances has a Traffic Safety Advisory Committee consisting of one citizen at large selected by Mayor and Council and the Transportation Superintendent who also serves as the recording secretary. A past member of the Committee, who is the Superintendent of Fort Frances Power Corporation is invited to meeting for his expertise in Traffic Control, Signal Lights and Street Lighting when concerns in those areas arise.

The Committee meets approximately every six weeks to discuss and make recommendations to assist the Operations and Facilities Executive Committee, Manager of Operations and Facilities and Council in arriving at a final decisions on related matters.

The Committee deals with issues pertaining to vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, improvement of traffic flow and any issues concerning public or traffic safety.

The committee will also provide advice on all matters pertaining to Street Lights and Traffic Lights within the Roads System in the Town of Fort Frances.