Site Plan Control

Site Plan Control By-Laws

Site Plan Control By-Laws are not zoning by-laws but are used to establish areas where site plan control will be applied over and above the requirements of the zoning by-law. The areas of site plan control are described in the Official Plan.

Site Plan controls are used to ensure that:

  • Development proceed and are maintained in a manner approved by Council
  • New developments meet certain standards of quality and appearance
  • There is safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles
  • There is adequate landscaping, parking and drainage, and
  • Neighbouring properties are protected from incompatible development

Site Plan

Most planning applications require a site plan to scale identifying buildings and other features in relation to property boundaries. The site plan should identify any existing buildings and proposed addition(s). Most or all of the information required for a site plan can be found on your property survey. You may have received one when you purchased the property. If not, you may have to retain the services of a surveyor.

The following information should be shown on a site plan:

  1. title and scale
  2. legal description
  3. street name
  4. north arrow
  5. property lines and dimensions
  6. setbacks to all property lines from existing and proposed structure(s)
  7. proposed construction (shaded)
  8. overall building dimensions including height of structure(s)
  9. rights-of way and easements
  10. access and parking
  11. percentage of total lot coverage including addition or new structure
  12. identification of natural features (ie-water courses or ravines).

Note: All structures, existing and proposed, must be fully dimensioned and identified as to its specific use(s).

Site Plan Control - Application Form (PDF)